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Mar 30, 2017

As a key player in online travel and new to the gift card market, we asked for their initial thoughts about the industry, and what's in the pipeline for 2017.

What opportunities have you spotted in the market?

The UK gift card market is well established and we see it as a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition for, whilst adding value to businesses and their customers or employees.

Although there are travel providers already operating within this market, we feel with our level of inventory and IT expertise we can offer a wide range of flights and hotels in all corners of the world and create the ultimate travel incentive.

When will it launch?

Our digital gift card will be available late spring/early summer.

What do you hope to achieve?

We would like to be seen as the ‘go to’ for travel gift cards in the UK. The customer journey is important to us and from the wide range of destinations we offer to the exceptional customer assistance we provide, we are looking to enrich lives with the experiences we offer.

Which countries will you be focusing on?

With our vouchers we have already operated in the Italian market for several years now. Moving forward our key focuses are the UK, France and Germany.

As you are new to the gift card market, please tell us your initial thoughts about the industry.

The UK market has been extremely welcoming to and our initial thoughts are how big it is but so small at the same time. Everyone knows everyone and it's important that we provide a fair and transparent offering to all partners. We are excited by the technology on offer by various companies not only from a digital but physical perspective and it gives us a great opportunity to expand and build on our gift card offering moving forward.

What other B2B activities do carry out in the UK market?

Besides our e-Gift Card, we manage co-marketing and promotional activities on a pan-European level, where we partner with companies operating in a variety of sectors to supply travel prizes to help drive their sales, acquisition and retention of customers. Over the past year we have run successful activities with leading brands such as Walkers, GAP, Samsonite, Babybel and Three Mobile. We are always looking to speak with businesses who have a strong synergy with the brand.

To learn more about the gift card, please get in touch by emailing

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