BitCard® provides business access to our gift card offering by providing a discount for bulk purchases, of which can then be sold at a profit by resellers – or used to drive loyalty and further platform spend, while enhancing existing loyalty programs.We provide $BTC Gift Cards in the US under our BitCard® brand, and in Europe through MyBitCard®.

With 25 years of experience in digital payments and IT, plus 26 years of Gift Card know-how – we are unrivalled in terms of track record in this space. We work with USD, EUR, or GBP currencies.The end user is granted access to the BitCard dashboard, so they can track their BitCard balance, and monitor the price of Bitcoin, all under one roof. BitCards are easy to redeem in an easy three step redemption process, with Bitcoin being stored safely and securely in our own cold wallets. BitCards can be purchased seamlessly using all major credit cards, and provide a fun and innovative gift or incentive to friends, family members, or even staff.