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Jilly Cross, Founder - Bravand Limited

Mar 1, 2024

Gift card industry leaders the GCVA launches new web presence by Bravand.

The Gift Card and Vouchers Association (GCVA) has launched a new digital suite that includes features for a better, slicker, content and community rich space for gift card industry players.

The project includes a new public website, designed and built by Bravand, capitalises on the extensive range of services and activities led by the GCVA team.

The design and build consists of a component-based front-end build, powered by a strong yet flexible content management system called Versoly. Both the visual and technical design has been built to reflect the bustling, energetic and community-led ethos that the organisation has transformed into over the past eight years.

Responsive (as is the modern standard), the site works across all screen sizes and devices and seeks to truly represent the organisation as a proper business community – showcasing people, community and insight, and serving up a content rich experience to visitors both repetitive and new.

The new GCVA website is optimised for all screen sizes

However, the new GCVA online presence consists of much more than just a beautiful new set of web pages. The project is a two year long story of digital transformation. Features of this 2024 platform release include:

  1. A brand new responsive interface for the public – the GCVA as THE voice of the gift card industry to all industry players, press, government departments and of course potential members
  2. Event listing integration – showcasing the GCVA’s fabulous events with direct links into the GCVA’s existing Eventbrite platform
  3. Online new member application process – no more PDF forms! Instant delivery of new member applications into the back-office team for review and approval and storage of all membership applications into our new member management and customer relationship management platform
  4. New member management and CRM platform – adopting market leading membership software platform, Outseta to securely store, manage and communicate with all member organisatons and their teamsNew online community platform Slack – all members can now apply to join our new online Slack channel – giving members the opportunity to share, connect and network in the online space

The jewel in the crown of the new GCVA digital suite must be the new member’s area and member management system.

Integrations between the website content management system, Versoly, and our membership platform Outseta, means that members can now login to the site to access exclusive content across consumer and industry insights, exclusive KPMG data reports, GCVA 101 video tutorials, the GCVA Glossary and much much more.

Member organisations can also self-manage their team’s access to the members’ area, with an “invite my team member” feature, “update team details” and a simple and effective password reset process for every individual with a valid login account. Goodbye to corporate membership ID numbers and “hello” to self-service!

Online and offline connections

Following an ever increasing demand for a way to connect and network in the online space, the GCVA is also launching its new Slack workspace. A space to connect, converse, discuss and debate – all GCVA members will be able to sign up to the GCVA Slack workspace, whilst specific online roundtable, committees and subject matters will also have their very own channels that members can join and learn from. Coming soon, stay tuned for details.

The work to get us here has been tough, but necessarily so. Going beyond investing into a new website and instead investing into how technology can elevate the GCVA to new heights, delivering massive improvements and value that members benefit from.

Take a look around and let us know what you think by getting in touch with

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