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GCVA Consumer Report April 2023

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  • Inflation continues to impact spending on non-essential items, with UK retail spend forecast to be £374.9bn in ’23

  • Retail gift card purchasing at its highest level since we began tracking – shoppers continue to prioritise key occasions

  • Opportunities for employers to leverage gift cards as a support mechanism – the proportion buying them via an employee benefit programme was higher than in both February ’23 and March ’22

  • Consecutive months of solid performance for digital – shoppers are comfortable using digital gift cards, and more operators are investing in digital options

  • Experience gift cards experience lower demand, though it should remain robust for those who choose to staycation this summer

  • Leisure activities (travel, theatre tickets, spa days) saw an increase over March ’22 – a sign that businesses are almost back to full capacity

  • Gift card demand was weaker over March ‘22, though there are plentiful opportunities for the industry to promote the benefits in the current climate

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