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The UK Gift Card & Voucher Association has developed a series of factsheets on a range of topics affecting buyers and providers of vouchers in the UK.  If you would like to receive a hard copy of any of these factsheets or there is a topic you would like to see addressed please e-mail us at info@gcvaco.uk

VAT on Vouchers explained

Tax and National Insurance on Voucher Incentive Schemes

Motivation Plan: a 9-step guide

Buying and using
Gift Cards & Vouchers


GCVA Consumer Buying & Redemption Research 2010

Industry Data

eBay Buyers Guide to purchasing Gift Vouchers & Gift Cards

GCVA Q1 2011

GCVA Q2 2011

GCVA Q3 2011

GCVA Q4 2011

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GCVA Q1 2012 Commentary

GCVA Q2 2012 Commentary

GCVA Q3 2012 Commentary

GCVA Q4 2012 Commentary

Gift Cards & Vouchers in the UK 2010/11

Giftcards & Vouchers in the UK Summary 2013

Member Product Offerings
Nov 2011

Giftcards & Vouchers in the UK Summary 2012

Industry Data

Giftcards & Vouchers in the UK Summary 2014

Giftcards & Vouchers in the UK Summary 2015

Giftcards & Vouchers in the UK Summary 2016 H1

GCVA 2016 Summary H2