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Industry Research
The Gift Card & Voucher Association produces fact sheets on a range of topics affecting buyers and providers of gift cards and vouchers in the UK. It also carries out research and produces twice yearly data reports. If you would like access to this information  now is the time to join the UK Gift Card & Voucher Association.  To find out more and discover  all the other benefits membership offers, please visit become a member
If you are an existing members, plae go to the members area - if you need your login details, email
 Reports are available to members only, to become a member click here
Industry Data Research
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071848270.GCVA-2021-H2-Summary.pdf GCVA 2021 H2 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071847590.GCVA-2021-H1-Summary.pdf GCVA 2021 H1 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071847110.GCVA-2020-H2-Summary.pdf GCVA 2020 H2 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071846450.GCVA-2020-H1-Summary.pdf GCVA 2020 H1 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071846030.GCVA-2019-H2-Summary.pdf GCVA 2019 H2 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071845350.GCVA-2019-H1-Summary.pdf GCVA 2019 H1 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071844310.GCVA-2018-H2-Summary.pdf GCVA 2018 H2 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071843520.GCVA-2018-H1-Summary.pdf GCVA 2018 H1 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071842450.GCVA-2017-H2-Summary.pdf GCVA 2017 H2 Summary
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071841520.GCVA-2017-H1-Summary.pdf GCVA 2017 H1 Summary
Market Trend Reports available for members only, click here to join the GCVA
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071855040.GCVA_Top10_2022.pdf State of the Nation 2022 - Overview
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071853500.State-of-the-Nation-Overview-2021.pdf State of the Nation 2021 - Overview
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071852550.OP_GCVA_Industry-Report_2020.pdf Valuing the Industry 2020 - Overview
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071850580.State-of-the-Nation-Overview-2019.pdf State of the Nation 2019 - Overview
 ../admin/ccs_research/202204071850010.State-of-the-Nation-Overview-2017.pdf State of the Nation 2017 - Overview
 To access the full reports
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